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Wellness day at home.

Wellness dag thuis.

A wellness day at home. 

If you are planning to have a wellness day at home, there are a few things to keep in mind and to arrange in advance if you want to fully enjoy this wellness / spa / hammam day at home. 

1) Make an appointment, as it were, with yourself and put it in your agenda, just like all other appointments. Make sure no one can disturb you during this wellness / spa / hammam day at home, also put your phone on do not disturb mode.

2) Make sure the bathroom is on hand, buy your favorite products such as scented candles, fragrance sachets, aroma broadcast, soft towel, shower sponge / twine, shower gel of bad cream, a body scrub, a delicious one body lotion. To relax extra, a nice book, magazine. Healthy things for a tasty breakfast and/or lunch and in between. Everything that allows you to enjoy and dream away during your wellness / spa / hammam day at home. 

3) Start your wellness / spa / hammam day with a nice healthy breakfast, with fruit, juice, tea. 

4) Really take the time to relax, this is sometimes more difficult than expected, especially if you are normally in a busy (work) schedule. Read a book or glossy, drink a delicious cup of tea at your leisure and enjoy it too. Listen to your favorite music. Take a snack and a nice light lunch. Go for a walk and enjoy nature, the scents and the colors of the blossoms. Try to be open to the little things that you normally don't pay attention to.   

5) Do things that you normally don't take the time for, such as lying in the garden on a bedchair, close your eyes and only listen to the sounds of nature. Sit in a chair (indoor/outdoor) and close your eyes and try to set your mind to 0 and meditate. 

6) Take plenty of time for yourself, try to stretch the day as long as possible and make sure that you don't immediately have an appointment for yourself after this day where you have to hurry or stress. Just cross out this day and plan something for the next day, so that you really get the most out of this wellness / spa / hammam day. 

We hope that these tips will help you with the wellness day at home and that you can enjoy it. 






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